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The cooperative´s main purpose

Suomen Luotto-osuuskunta (SLOK) cooperative´s  main purpose is to manage its assets in favor of cooperative´s members. SLOK has about 18 100 members and they have around 65 700 cooperative shares. The nominal value of one share is 10 euros and the cooperative capital is approximately 0,7 million euros.

SLOK has so far paid interest on cooperative capital 935 euros in 2012, 1 400 euros in 2013, 1 200 euros in 2014, 570 euros in 2017, 270 euros in 2021 and 140 euros in 2023, in total 4 515 euros per share.

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  • Phone: +358 40 507 7817 (open Mon- Fri from 9 to 15)


Member letters (in Finnish and Swedish)

Member Letter 23.3.2023

Member Letter 30.7.2021

Member letter 03.03.2017

Member letter 14.2.2014

Member letter 22.10.2013

Member letter 18.3.2013

Member letter 19.11.2012

Member letter 14.8.2012 


Luottokunta was established in the 1960s, when the merchants and bankers of Helsinki’s Aleksanterinkatu decided to make paying more efficient. There was an evident need for a shared payment method and centralised payment processing. This gave rise to the OK Card, Luottokunta’s first automated payment solution.

Over the decades, Luottokunta’s services have come a long way. Business Eurocard services and Lounasseteli, the popular Finnish luncheon voucher system designed to support occupational wellbeing, were launched in the 1970s. Visa cards were added to the product selection in the early 1980s. The latest additions to the product portfolio are Virikeseteli recreational voucher (2009), Lunch Card (2011) and Virike Card (2012).

Luottokunta transfered its business to its wholly owned subsidiary Eurocard Oy as of 1 April 2012. The name of Eurocard Oy was changed to Luottokunta Oy and the name of the cooperative to Suomen Luotto-osuuskunta.

Nets acquired Luottokunta Oy

Suomen Luotto-osuuskunta sold all the shares of its subsidiary Luottokunta Oy to Nets Holding A/S on 14 August 2012. The transaction was closed on 31 October 2012.

Suomen Luotto-osuuskunta today

Cooperative focuses on management of its assets and distribution of funds to its members. When contractual obligations have terminated and pending tax procedures closed, all assets of the cooperative will be distributed to the members and the cooperative dissolved by the way of voluntary liquidation procedure.


By-laws of cooperative

The by-laws of cooperative (in Finnish)

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